Sunday, January 30, 2011

Double Header!

We have a double header night this Thursday with two games against Southeast Xara at 7pm then Guilford Bell Curve at 8pm! We will need a good squad to get us through the two games!
Maybe we will win at least one of these games? Let's hope the snow and ice will have passed by then

Tell us if you can make it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PLAYER FOCUS...On...."Safet" !

No game this Thursday so.......It's time for yet another Player Focus! No, no you can stop cheering.... no really.... you can stop.

The team mate under the microscope this time is Safet! The only player to win two championship winning medals for two different teams in the same year! He comes from Bosnia and we all know where that is on the map don't we ? Right beside Croatia and round the corner from Serbia.... yeah, I knew you knew... So what do we find out about Safet in this interview? I'm not telling will just have to read it!!

First time you played soccer?
I started very early, at age four. I played with the neighborhood kids. (...and they were all 24 years old so it was all very unfair)

Favorite Team?
Zeljeznicar Sarajevo, Bosnian National team ( Easy for you to say!....I heard Čelik were a good team too? Madison Čelik has a certain ring to it, no? )

Fav Player?
Safet Susic ( Great player, Great name; 21 goals in 54 appearances for Yugoslavia)

Fav Music?
Bosnian country music, rock ( OMG.... there is such a thing? This may be worse than Lithuanian rap)

Fav Movie?
Road House, Night at the Roxbury ( huh? What about all those great Bosnian movies like Ničija zemlja or Teško je biti fin? )

Best moment on a soccer field?
Back in Bosnia when my team won the local tournament ( were you playing at the time? ..... I'm joking! )

Nickname at school?
Sajo ( Pronounced Sayo? if my Bosnian is correct? )

Motto for life?
To live is to hope ( ...and to hope is to live! ... See what i did there?)

Something we don't know about you?
I studied Russian in high school (Пожалуйста, пожалуйста, передайте мне футбол!! Yes especially you Jorge!)

Most famous person I've met?
My wife ( Smart move.....very smart! )

Thanks Safet! Great interview!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goggs and TJ Take The Prizes!

What can i say about the performance against Cardiac Arrest? Well it was certainly a tale of two halves. The first looked like the Madison Celtic indoor team of the last few years, with great passing movement and spectacular goals from Ruggero and David. The second was simply a nightmare as the Cardiac Arrest team double teamed David and put fast breaking guys up front. We collapsed! From 5-1 up at the half we were quickly only leading by a goal as stupid defensive errors led to easy goals for the Cardiac team. For some reason The Hulk decided the ball was a hot potato and refused to pick it up choosing to send probes into the outer atmosphere of the galaxy with his clearances. The rest of the team, including this intrepid reporter, decided to respond to all this mayhem by slowing down even further! Before long we were 7-5 down and in a sorry state. No passing, no movement and no tackling. Only with 5 minutes left in the game did the Celts finally buck up and put more pressure on the Cardiac defense. Tano scored a brave goal to put us one behind but with the clock ticking down we were not able to find an equalizer. Poor result after such a great first half!

Maybe the prizegiving to Goggs and TJ at half time was not such a good idea after all!!

No game next Thursday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goggs and TJ Are Up Next!

Our next game is against Cardiac Arrest this Thursday at 7pm. This is the team that Goggs and Tom Da Judge play for so it will be a good competitive match! I think in the past we have managed to beat them fairly easily... or is my memory failing me? Having said that, the way we have been playing over the last couple of games we could be in a for a thrashing!
Hope you can all make it for the game.... we need some goalscorers to get past the defensive rock that is Goggs ( He is the one on the right above) and TJ ( He's on the left !)
Remember to bring your fees if you haven't done so already. Halil, his bro and The Hulk all paid up last week

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Xara No Show!

Unfortunately Southeast Xara turned up with only 3 players so we ended up with a scrimmage game. We had enough Madison players and guest ex-players like Matin and Mamoud to have a reasonable game. For those of you on the team that did not include David and Kris the scrimmage was a bit of a whitewash with 10 goals betting slammed past The Hulk. Everytime David took a shot on goal he scored! Hopefully he can do that in a real game next week! Halil and Tano were very unlucky not to score a few goals as they managed to hit the bar, post or last defender instead of the back of the net! And Matin scored the best own goal of the season!! We do need to get better at passing and running..... the team looks very unfit !

Next game is against Cardiac Arrest at 7pm

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Next Game against Xara!

Our next indoor game is this Thursday against Southeast Xara at 7pm. This is the team we played in a friendly after the 8-4 humping by the Eagles. Should be a tough but competitive game. We had 10 guys turn up last week and hopefully a similar number will be available for this Thursday. Just add your name to the roll call below and don't forget to bring your $69 fee if you haven't done so already. Thanks to those guys who did it last week

See you Thursday, if i can shake of this cold!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painful Start to Indoor!

Yes we knew it would be tough playing that first game after so many months of doing nothing but eating and drinking and whatever.... but playing the Guilford Eagles on top of all that made this game feel even worse. In the end we were hammered 8-4 but to be honest it could have been more. After a very even fifteen minute period, at the start of the game, the Celts let in a silly goal and then the roof caved in. Within another ten minutes we had lost another 4 goals and were struggling to keep up with the fast paced passing and running of the Division 1 Eagles team....maybe they didn't celebrate over the festive season? A great goal by Ruggero pulled one back before the half to put some face saving cover on the score. The second half was a bit better as Madison started to get some shape to their game but we were always behind and chasing. Although, when we got back to 7-4 there was a glimmer of hope before that was cruelly snuffed out by the rampant Eagles. Final score was 8-4, with the second half a better 3-3 performance.

After that tough wake up call the Celts played a friendly with Southeast Xara and ran out 8-5 winners to restore some confidence and pride!

Next weeks game will be at 7pm and coincidentally will be against Southeast Xara!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Indoor Season Starts This Week!

OK Guys, if you have been over indulging during the Festive Season now is the time to do something about it! We are back playing soccer and it is time to get rid of all those stored calories and fat! The first indoor game of the season is this Thursday against Guilford Black Eagles at 7pm. This is a tough game to start off the session and so far we only have 7 players signed up for the game so if you are planning to turn up please indicate below in the comments section. Please turn up with your fees too..... $69!

See you Thursday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011 !! Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year guys, and welcome to 2011! Hope there are not too many headaches this morning.....

I wish you all have a happy and healthy new year and are ready to get playing soccer again! A number of us will be playing indoor soccer starting Thursday 6th January and hopefully the rest of you will be keeping fit and getting ready for the outdoor season which will start in Spring. We sit in third place in the SASL 3rd Division so I think we have a good chance of at least finishing in the top 2!

We will have the schedule and times for the indoor season early next week but i want to make sure we have the players available for the first game so we will do our usual roll call in the comments section.

VERY IMPORTANT; You must bring your fees for the indoor soccer session. The $825 fee has been paid already so we are out of pocket. We had 12 players signing up for the session so the cost will be $69 per head. Please bring this money to the game and give it to Roniildo.

See you Thursday!