Monday, August 31, 2009

Defender of the Summer Votel!

After the runaway victory for Roniildo (8 votes!)  in the midfielder of the summer vote it is now  time for the big one! Yes the vote for defender of the Summer!  And we have a lot of people to vote for....i know a number of players 'helped out" in defence at times.....and thank you for that...but i have kept to the main group of players that will always describe themselves as D experts! Del Pie, Hamid The Enigma, La Boca, Gogglito, Pink, BOR, Johnaldo and El Gato!

Please go ahead and vote!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Midfielder of the Summer Vote!

Well after a very tight race and a narrow victory for Carlos in the Striker of the Summer vote it's now time for us to vote best midfielder of the summer! Up for critical appraisal are Tom the Coach, TJ, Roniildo, Jodinho and Fribeka!

You can vote using the vote machine!

Some great performances by each of them during  the season so i'm sure this will be a close one!

Don't forget to watch Arsenal vs Celtic this afternoon in the Champions League! Kick off 2.45 pm on FSC. Celtic 2-0 down from the first leg and heading out....can they stage a miraculous comeback??

Friday, August 21, 2009

Striker of the Summer Vote!

It's time to vote for player of the Summer! And, we are going to start with our star strikers Jorge, Carlito, Enrique and Scotty! They all managed to score more than one goal this season!

All of them have perfected the art of making the unmissable missable :o)

Go ahead and vote using the magical poll machine on the top right hand corner of the page!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Season Statistics

OK, the Summer season is over and it's time for some analysis! How many games did we win or lose, who scored the most goals who won the most MOM awards, how many picnics did we have?

Here are the gory details!

Our overall record was;

Played 11, Won 4, Lost 7, Drew 0, Goals For 23, Against, 26, Points 12

Our home record was;

Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2

Our away record was;

Played 5, Lost 5!

Top goal scorers;

Jorge 5
Carlos 3
TJ 3
Scott 3
Enrique 2

La Boca, Roniildo, Jodinho, Fribeka, Tom A, Ahmad, OG all got one goal!

Man of the Match Awards;

El Gutso 2
Carlito 2
Kevinho 2
Ron the Toe, Jodinho, Enrique, Fribeka and Roniildo all got one award!

Says a lot that a goalkeeper got the MOM 4 times!!

Well, those are the bare statistics but the botom line is that we will have to do better in the Fall season.

Oh, and we had 2 picnics!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those Were The Days.....!

Yes those were the days! How many people can you remember from these incarnations of the Madison team before the green and white hoops?? This was around the time I was a full time water boy..... anyone guess which years these photos were taken?

The new SPL and EPL seasons start this weekend and i think its time for a poll!! No point in asking who is going to win the Scottish league is there? Celtic all the way! But, what about the English league? Man Utd without Ronaldo? Chelsea with their new coach? Liverpool without Alonso, Arsenal without Adabayour or Toure? Or will it be the new money bags team Man City?
I'll let you decide, so go ahead and vote!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Madison 4 Guilford 3

Summer season ends with a victory

Although it was a friendly game to end the Summer season this was a hard fought victory for Madison against a rough and tumble Guilford team. Madison controlled the early stages of the game with some neat crisp passing keeping possession of the ball for long stretches of the game. When Guilford did get the ball they attacked fast and with menace. The Madison defence had to be alert to a number of attacks down the left and right wings. However, first blood went to Madison with a fantastic headed goal by Carlito. This was quickly followed up by an equally fantastic shot by Tom the Coach that bulged the back of the net as it screamed past the outstretched hands of the Guilford goalie. At this point in the game Madison where in full control and bossing the game. Of course, as we have seen in the past, as soon as Madison get comfortable in a game they do contrive to make things difficult for themselves. And so it proved again when a Guilford attack was not closed down early enough allowing their striker to slam the ball into the net past the onrushing El Gutso.

To their credit Madison went straight back onto the attack and were quickly back in control and restoring their two goal lead. A great move started from defence by the impressive Tom P to Fribeka then onto Carlos allowed the nippy winger to cut in and slam the ball past the goalkeeper for goal number 3 to Madison.

Unfortunately Madison could not hold onto this cushion of a lead for long when Guilford broke from a suspiciously offside position to score again and reduce the gap to one goal. But, 3-2 at the half time break and a well deserved lead for Madison.

The second half started with some strong attacks by Guilford most of which were being repelled handily by Tom P. When they did break through El Gutso was on hand to make a save. But Guilford did manage to equalize with a very special goal. Their small left winger picked up a poor pass on the Madison right just preventing it from going out. From this point he raced to the edge of the Madison box before unleashing a beautiful curling shot that soared over the outstretched arms of El Gutso. A great goal to equalize with and could have set Guilford up to push on for victory. However, Madison did not stop attacking after this set back and could have scored a hat full of goals if their finishing had not been so poor. But it was left to Tom the Coach to seal victory for Madison with a fantastic arcing shot from outside the Guilford box that gave their goalkeeper no chance. A great goal to win any game.

So the whistle blew to end the Summer season and it was great to end it on such a positive note. The Fall season will be with us before we know it!

MEN OF THE MATCH; the Tom's. Tpink and Tom the coach They both had great games to day and it was difficult to decide who had the biggest influence so, MOM awards for both of them!

Friday, August 7, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 9th August, Guilford Hawks

We end our Summer season with a friendly game against Guilford Hawks this Sunday. This is a home game and hopefully we can all remember where the lines are on the field because they have all been rubbed away!

Looks like we will be having a nice picnic after the game to round of the season. I will send out a summary of the Summer season stats next week.

See you Sunday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Southington 3 Madison 1

Miserable run of defeats continues for Madison

We always knew this first season in the top division was going to be a tough one. The Madison team has a small squad and no real match winning "stars". You know the type of "stars" we seem to meet week in and week out with the opposition. The fast as lightning striker that slams 3 goals past us, or the midfielder with the ball stuck to his foot like a magnet or the defender that used to play for a Polish first division team back home. We don't have anyone like that in our team but, the team does have skill and for the first half hour of this game there was no doubting which team was the best; it was Madison. Some fine ball control and great passing led to a whole host of great chances for the visiting team. Southington were on the back foot and struggling to keep up with the quick passing and possession play coming from Madison. It was therefore a deserved reward when Madison were given the chance to take the lead after Ahmad was felled in the penalty box. He blasted the ball into the net from the spot only to hear the somewhat erratic referee blow for a penalty box infringement. Luckily, the second shot was no less powerful than the first and Madison had the lead. At this point in the game the midfield were linking well and going on some good runs. The defence were rarely bothered but as the half edged to a close things started to change. Madison were playing with no subs and it was beginning to tell. Some players started to flag and the steam went out of the midfield play. The runs that the Southington strikers were making were not being picked up as easily as before and inevitably just before the halftime whistle Southington struck a cruel blow against Madison. A Southington striker appeared from an offside position and had a clear run into goal for their equalizer. The referee was having nothing to do with the pleas for offside and the goal stood. A tough way to end the half as Madison had clearly been the best team throughout.

The second half was very tough for Madison. The energy and zip that had been the hall mark of the first thirty minutes of the game had more or less been depleted and what was left was a backs to the wall defensive strategy. The constant subbing of players by the Southington team starkly contrasted with the huffing and puffing of the Madison 11 that had to stay on the field for the full 90. Madison still had a number of chances to score but all were squandered and when a midfield/defensive fumble occurred just outside the Madison box Southington were quick to pounce to take the lead. Even at this point the team was still trying to compete. Some strong running by Roniildo and good tracking back gave some hope of an equalizer. But, those hopes were dashed when Southington slammed in a third to effectively finish the game as a contest. The full time whistle went and an exhausted Madison team trooped off the field. Some strong defending and great saves by El Gutso had kept the score down in the second half but Madison had no real threat up front. Gogglito and Hamid put in a great shift in central defence and had left it all out there on the field but it looked like some of our players never brought any in the first place!

The last game of the Summer season will be at home against the tough New Britain Polish team. If Madison get a full squad of players out then I'm sure they will try and finish this first season in the first Division with a flourish

MAN OF THE MATCH; Roniildo. Strong running and constant tracking back to help the defense makes this a stand out performance by the captain