Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New Season is Coming!

Happy Leap Day!

Guys, the new season will start on April 15th with our first game in Division 2 against our old friendly enemies Guilford Bell Curve! It's a nice way to start off a whole new era for Madison Celtic as we take a step up in quality in the new division. April 15th will get here sooner than we think and we may need to plan for some scrimmage games as soon as the weather gets a bit better and the fields open for soccer. We will also be organizing a team get together to celebrate last season and to plan for the new year!

Meanwhile we need to pay our fees for the new season. Each of you needs to pay $90 to Madison Celtic as soon as possible. Roniildo will be reaching out to you for the money. I know some of you hate paying the fee but its unavoidable. We have league and State fees, as well as referee dues to pay. Ninety bucks is not too much to ask for a whole year of soccer and fun. A few less beers during the year, one less haircut ( sorry TomP ), a few less burgers or ice creams and hey presto $90!

Send in your fees ASAP! And watch this space for the night out

Monday, February 20, 2012

Xara Fall to the Celts!

Hope you guys are all having fun playing indoor. And I hope the rest of us are trying to keep in shape or trying to get back to a shape that can be faintly recognized as Human by the time we take to the fields in April! Roniildo is working out the team fees for the year. We just need to confirm whether or not we will be paying for a ref and two linesmen per game in Div 2 or just a ref.

If it's just the same as last season then it may be only $90 per head. We will confirm soon but start saving up..... we need the fees in as soon as we ask for them. First league payment is due on March 1st.

Oh, and remember, The Big House Must Stay Open! ....that's the bottom line!

Here is Tano's match report;

Good news! 6-4 vs Xara and guess what? No subs! Well, only one after 20 mins playing.
We were;

Goalie; El Gato
Defs; Tom P and A, and Dan Miller ( Guilford Hawks guys)
Mids; Carlos and Dave S
Front; Tano and Paulo

Why? was a clean game and also we rotated all over the field, like real fussball. We played like the globetrotters!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Next game is Xara!

Poor old Rangers....must suck to go bust..... Oh well.....

Next indoor game is this Thursday, 8pm, field 4 against Southeast Xara. Only one more game in this session left after this one. If you are signing up for the next session leave your name in the comments section below!

We will be looking for a night out for the bhoys shortly.... I'll check in asking for the best nights in the next posting

You will have to get ready to pay your fees for season 2012 very soon. We have to pay $400 to the league before March 1st. It will be $90 by the way.......

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! Celts Promoted!

Breaking news from SASL!

Madison Celtic have been promoted to Division 2 for season 2012!

Due to a Div 2 team moving to the over 48 league Madison have been promoted. This is a great challenge for the Celts but exciting news! We will have to make sure we are fully prepared and ready for the new season when it starts in April......more to come!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Celts bend to the Curve

The Celts lost their latest indoor game against the Guilford Bell Curve.

Match report from Roniildo;

"Was a decent match last night, but the BC keeper was outstanding all night. We created a lot of

scoring chances, but he saved most of them. There were also a few rough incidents out there too,

between the yelling at the ref, and the scirmishes between some of the players. We need to reign

this in guys. The BC guys are our friends, and the ref is one of my neighbours, so just keep a cool

head, and will be much more fun for all....LOL"

Roniildo, El Gato, Tano, TomP, Paulo, Safet, David, Hooman1, Hooman2,TomA