Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soggy Training Day

For those of you that turned up for the scrimmage game at Indian River on Sunday.....well done! We played in torrential rain for over an hour and by the end of the session i could see why the park is named after a river. Anyway it was good fun and reminded me of playing back in Scotland.

The striker of the summer season vote has come to an end and the run away victor is JORGE!

The next vote up should be for "midfielder of the season" but i think you are all off on vacation or something like that, so i may do a different type of vote. Let me think.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The View From The Bench

Yes it's tough being a bench dweller especially when i have to watch you lot!
Looks like we will have a scrimmage game this Sunday at Indian River in Clinton, hopefully see you all at 9.30 am. We can practice corners and free kicks and talk tactics....or we could drink some beer.
Jorge is running away with the "best striker of the season" vote. Only 3 days to go!!
I've updated the video bar to focus on another great Celtic striker....Chris Sutton

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post Match Review

Some more "action" shots from the game and a few observations!

Great victory on Sunday and a nice way to round off the Summer season, if that ends up being the final game. Tom will tell us if we have another game this Sunday.

So a few talking points from the game that might be worth talking about, if any of you can work out how to post a comment. And i'm not talking about you, Anonymous!

Where can we improve?

To offside trap, or not?

Looks like we have to decide fairly early in a game if the ref is up to playing the offside rule effectively. If he is, then i think we can work it reasonably well. Although, we have to be ready to run as soon as the ref does not give it. We tend to stand and shout hoping he will change his mind........he won't. I know our goalie, Jim, will agree after his well thought out comments to the defence after we let the second goal in at the weekend...... Now, if we get the first hint that the ref cannot, will not , or never will give an offside then let's just learn that lesson once in the game!

Midfield support for the attack?

I've noticed a number of times when Jorge, Carlo or Enrique have gone off on a solo charge at the opposition defence that when they finally do lift their heads to pass to someone we have not provided them with many choices. There are teams we play that can have 5 or 6 players in the penalty box when they are attacking. I think we should always have one of our midfielders stationed centrally just on the edge of the penalty box when we have an attack and at least two others running into the box; one to the near post and one to the far. If we tried that one tactic then we would have at least 3 options for any attacker with the ball. This still allows the "spare" attacker to be available for a pass too. Off course, our attackers have to look up to give the pass. Then again, if they knew that our midfielders would always be in the attack positions i've just mentioned they could pass without thinking too much. Hey, maybe we should try it?

OK, go ahead and comment......you can, i know you can

Sunday, July 20, 2008

MATCH REPORT: Madison 4 New Fairfield 2

League leaders New Fairfield slumped to a shock defeat at the hands of Madison Celtic today. This was sweet revenge for the Madison team that had suffered a 5-2 ( 4-2?) reverse to the same team only a few short weeks ago. Played in an almost unbearable sweltering heat the Madison team kept close possession through most of the first 30 minutes of the game with well timed passing and movement. Several chances to take the lead came and went as the strike force tried their best to emphasize the early superiority of the Madison play. This persistence paid of half way through the first 45 minutes when a sweeping move involving some superb ball control by Carlito on the left wing allowed him to penetrate deep into the Fairfield defence, where he released a superb ball to Eric who slammed it into the net from short range. One nil to the home team and a well deserved lead. After this period of dominance by Madison the visitors came back strongly and with only a few minutes left to the end of the half a break away allowed two of their pacy attackers space in the box and they slotted a goal behind the despairing dive of "El Jimo". One each at the half way point but the bulk of the possession and attacking play clearly coming from a reinvigorated Madison team.
The second half followed the script of the first with strong attacking play by Madison and some tough tackling by the opposition. Carlito's strong, effective wing play had been supplemented by the appearance of Enrique at the start of the second half. This twin strike force tortured the Fairfied defence with mazy dribbles and turns. Almost inevitably, on one such run Carlito was upended in the box for a clear penalty. This was coolly placed in the bottom right hand corner by the team coach, Tom. Two one was a fair score at this point in the game but Fairfield are not top of the league for nothing and again came back strongly, springing the tight Madison defence for a hotly disputed equalizer. At this point the game was evenly balanced and could have gone either way but the strong running of the Madison midfield, ably led by Jody, and the tight man to man marking at the back, built confidence that this would be Madison's day. And, at around the 70th minute, a superb break away by Enrique was rewarded by a fantastic goal to give Madison the lead. With 6 minutes left and the clock running down Madison clinched their deserved victory with yet another exciting goal by man of the match Enrique to finish the game 4-2 to Madison. Great performances by Enrique and Carlos up front with superb support from Eric, Jerry and Jody resulted in a deserved victory. Also, notable today were the solid performances of Danny and Tom P at the back.

Man of the match Enrique!

Celebrating the goal that takes Madison into the lead at 3-2

Some tough tackling puts Carlito on the deck

Post match recovery after a great victory!

The poll has closed for this week and the surprise winner was John collecting 10 votes! Hard luck Danny!! Next poll will be posted tomorrow along with some more highlights from today's game. Feel free to post your comments about the game. The Celtic video bar has also been updated with some new Celtic videos with the focus on Big John Hartson....check them out!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

NEXT GAME: Sunday July 20th, New Fairfield!

A message from our coach:

"This Sunday we have a make up game against New Fairfield at 10 am....and this is a home game for us.

This time it's Hamid's turn to bring beer and chips for everyone. Hamid bring good beer please, a belly dancer and great chips please, and thanks!"

Thanks Tom!

Some facts on New Fairfield;

New to the league and a good team. We played them a few weeks ago and they hammered us in the first half to take a 3-0 lead. In the second half we "got stuck in" and scored two goals. Unfortunately we could not get the equalizer and, as we tired ( no subs! ), they scored a late goal to win 4-2. The records show a 5-2 win to them but that could have been one of my own goals so i may have forgotten about it :o)
They are currently top of the league having played 9 games, winning 6, losing 2 and drawing 1. They have beaten teams such as Southington Utd ( 7-2 ), Trumball ( 4-3 ) and Milford ( 6-1).
So we need our attacking midfielders to attack and the strikers to strike......seems easy enough.

Hopefully we will have a full squad for the game barring the usual injuries and excuses.
I see Danny has tied the race in the first poll! Two days to go!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vote Rigging?

One day into our new blog and already we are embroiled in a voting scandal. I guess i forgot to put the word defender into the "player of the season so far" question. As if the best player was not going to be a defender........please! Well, after this vote is closed and the ( surprise?) winner announced we can move on to other polls. Such as; best attacking midfielder/striker, best tackler, best goal of the season ( not that many to choose from), best save of the season and best beer. Any other ideas will be welcome. We could even do a real "player of the season" vote!!

Lots of e-mail about why certain people are not in the team photograph........well, cause they were missing when it was taken. Could this have affected the voting? Who knows, but let's try for a big team photo this Sunday. Bring your best green socks.

The photo above was taken at the weekend and shows the team celebrating my double goal saving blocks on the line. And you wonder why i'm winning the vote?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Team

What a fit team!...This is the first post on a new blog for the Madison Celtic team. Our team has played in the Connecticut adult soccer league ( http://www.carsl.org/ ) for the last seven years as Madison United but this season we switched shirts and our name to Madison Celtic. I've been a supporter of Glasgow Celtic since i was about three years old so playing in the hoops is a big thing for me. Has it improved our game?....Well we are getting there......a couple of dodgy defeats at the beginning of the season but we are playing well now. Overall it's been a tough summer season. We had a new roster of players and we have missed 4 games because of bad weather!
So far we have only played 7 league games, winning 3, losing 3 and drawing 1. The league standings (http://carsll3.d4sports.net/leaguemanager/standings.asp?TeamID=92040) show us low in the league but we are improving. We played a friendly today against Guilford and drew 0 0. The first time i've played in a nil nil draw for over 12 years. It was a good game though. Some great defending by the Hoops and some unlucky misses up front resulted in the stalemate. We played the same team last week with a 3 3 score line so i would like to think the defence is getting better~!
We have one more game left before the end of the season and then we start up again in the Fall.
I will also be tracking Glasgow Celtic's progress in the coming Scottish league season and in the Champions League. Hope you do to!
If you are a team member have a go at adding a comment and vote in our poll for best player of the season so far......what do you mean there are only defenders names up there......?