Friday, July 29, 2011

Chasing Fitness!

The re-start of the season is nearly upon us and so is the chase for fitness! Yes, some of us lost that race a long time ago but we need to get into some sort of shape for the season start up! August 21st will be the start date although the schedule of games has not yet been published. We do need to get some friendly games under our belt before that date though. We have been challenged to a scrimmage match with Madison over 30's on August 7th. This would be a tough warm up game but would get the ball rolling on our match fitness. TomA is also trying to set up a scrimmage against Cheshire the following weekend.

I need to know who is available for the the August 7th game

Rugginho has been holding fitness sessions on Sunday morning at Cox High school. He will be there again this Sunday at 8.30. It would be good to see a lot of you there!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Do you Want To Get Fit?

Yes, I know. It's Summer. It's hot and if you stick your head outside your AC protected bubble even for a second you are drenched in horrible sweat. But even with all the normal Summer temptations of sitting very still and eating cheese burgers and drinking beer, a number of you have mentioned trying to get together and doing some training or kicking a ball! Remember what a ball looks like? It's round, it's white and moves high in the air when you kick it. Some of us are in serious need of reacquainting ourselves with the art and craft of soccer. And some of us just have to lose some weight after a few weeks of Summer eating and drinking!

Ruggerho is suggesting getting together this Sunday morning at Cox high school at 9.30 AM to do a mixture of fitness warm up exercises and some ball kicking. Are you up for it? Will you mind sweating a bit?

If yes, just reply in the comments section below. The season re-start will happen sooner than you think and we must start off full blast! Ooops my burgers need flipping , see you later!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal!

Guys we are struggling to gather much interest to get together for a practice over the last couple of weeks. It is vacation time and maybe it's a good thing we are taking a break. However, the start of the next part of the season will be here in only a few weeks so we do need to plan for games and practice during late July and August. Not had many suggestions for fields to practice on which seems strange. But we could try the usual list of Cox, Morgan etc. Anyone have a preference? I only had FIVE responses for playing tomorrow so that does not look likely to happen. I am out of town next weekend so someone else can have a go at trying to get you all together. I am going to start planning for games and practice starting on the 31st July and the next two weekends after that.

Hope you will be watching the Women's World Cup final tomorrow! How come our goalie doesn't look like Hope Solo??

Monday, July 11, 2011

Got Field?

Hope you are enjoying the nice Summer break guys. The league finally made up all the postponed games and after 18 games we sit in 3rd position ONLY 2 POINTS BEHIND Guilford! Yes, Guilford lost there 4th game of the season to Morelia 4-3 yesterday. We now have a real chance to get into the promotion spot when the league starts up again in the middle of August. Which brings me to my main issue....practice games and access to a field! Looks like our home field is out of commission all Summer for repairs ( really? ) so we will need to find a field to play on which is proving harder than I thought. If you know of fields we can use on a Sunday morning please send in your suggestions. Tom A has a friendly lined up for us against Cheshire if we can find a field. Maybe we should play them at their home Tom? What do you think?

Anyway watch this space over the next few days for details

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th July Weekend!

So the second stage of the three part season is over and we have had our ups and downs but overall we are making progress. We are in second place having played 18 games, wining 9, losing 2 and drawing 7. Of course, Guilford are right on our tail one point behind but with three games in hand! All I can say is that we have nine games left ( 27 points worth! ) and if we win them all I think we will be promoted. It's still in our hands!

After July 4th weekend we will try and organize some "within squad" practice matches which should be fun and some actual friendly matches

In the meantime have a great July 4th weekend!