Friday, March 27, 2009

Yellow Jackets squashed!

I wasn't there but by all accounts a fine 14-2 destruction of the stingless yellow jackets was a thing to behold....

A report by Fribeka:

"It could have been 14-1, but El Gutso obviously jealous of Kevinho's performance in goal or probably looking after his best goals-against Avg. (1.00), decided to give the ball (and I say give) to one of their players 10 feet in front of the net and moved aside to give him a better shooting lane… Apparently, El Gutso also paid Tom P. and asked him to take shots at Kevinho during the game?!? But overall, great performance from everyone with great passing and control of the game"

Hope you are all still trying to exercise and gather points! El Gutso is now the only one sending them in...... Back in the UK right now and will be available for selection next week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring season beckons!

Message from our coach:


Just to inform you that the outdoor season will start on April 19th and we are waiting to receive the final game schedule from the league.

All our Home Games will be played at the Xchange field and we can't use any other fields in the town due to lack of availability.

Jim and Eric hope you guys are doing OK and please drop me a line.

We are also looking for few players and let me know if you know someone who is a good player and interested to join the team.


Tom "

I'll post the score of tonights game when someone sends me the score!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A new star is born.....El Gutso!

Mad Celts battled out a shaky 2-1 win in a dour game against Cardiac Arrest. Goals by Carlito and Tom The Coach were enough to see off a stubborn Cardiac team that had been blown away 7-2 in their previous meet up with the Celts. It was good to see Jodinho back in the game after his long Winter rest! But, the star performer of the evening was El Gutso, aka The Heckelator, who pulled out a string of superb saves during the game. We now have a whole barrow load of good goalies with Kevinho, Fribeka, El Gutso and of course the one and only, the unique, the peerless, the original......El Gato!

I'll be travelling round the World next week so i will miss the game next Thursday so best of luck! Remember you all have the ability to post a comment, so you can post the score or copy in an e-mail in to the comments box below. Just click on comments, write a pithy remark in the comments box, plug in your name under the "name/URL" drop down option, real or alias!, and press the post button. Sometimes it says it can't process but you just click the post button's easy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kevinho saves the day!

The first fifteen minutes of our first game of the second session of indoor soccer was a real hangover from the last game of the first session......if that makes any sense to you! Before the first quarter of the game was over we were 3 zip down and cold as ice. We were playing Guilford Hawks who are a good team but one we have beaten before. They tore into our early lethargic play and scored three simple goals. This insult to our pride seemed to wake us up, and in particular Scotty, who, in a mad rush of controlled adrenalin, decided to take on the opposition single handedly. He slammed in three fantastic, unstoppable goals, without reply, to get us to even stevens by the half. Our new(ish) goalie Kevinho had also kept us in the game with some really great fast reaction, instinctive saves.
The second half started off OK but our defensive frailties were quickly on display again as a simple cross out left found a Guilford player unmarked at the back post and he headed the ball past a helpless, but blameless, Kevinho. We then chased the game to get the equalizer throwing three up front. This allowed them to fire at will on our goal but again Kevinho was up to the challenge with some great saves. And, when a few shots eventually got past him, they hit the post or the bar. Our equalizer came from a move that started when i received a great ball from Pink down the left hand side. I was surrounded by at least 6 players....or maybe it was just 2....but by a magical piece of Christiano Ronaldo type skill i managed to spin past them and send the ball over to an on rushing Heckelator....he hates the name by the way.... who slammed the equalizing goal into the net. Both teams then played out the last ten minutes in a rather cagey, energy drained style to earn a well deserved draw. Good game, great goals by Scotty and outstanding saves by Kevinho!

In other news, the fitness regimen is progressing well with 6 players signed up from the first week reporting in very respectable scores. Please send me your points for the first week if you have not done so already and your second week points on Monday.

This Sunday Celtic will be playing Rangers in the League cup final in Scotland! Kick off at 10am EST and available at Celtic bars all over the World ( ) and the Celtic web site ( ) .....should be a good game....and they better win! See you next game.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, who is going to win the EPL?

It's an exciting race at the top of the English Premier league this year with Man Utd duking it out with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and surprise package Aston Villa ( or Aston Celtic as they are known to Celtic fans....they have Martin O'Neill as their coach, one of Celtic's best ever managers and Stilian Petrov, ex Celtic midfielder). So with only 10 games left, more or less, who do you think will win the league? I have brought back our ever popular poll machine to help gather the answers! I'm going to go with Man Utd although if Aston Celtic get a few more wins they could run United close. Vote away!
Also, the first week of pre-season training is over by end of today and to set the pace i will tell you that i scored 50 points during the first week! Remember it's 2 points for every 10 minutes of exercise! Send me your points and I'll keep track of them.