Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bar Meeting Tonight!

For those of you that can make it we are having another one of our popular bar meetings to discuss team administration, team finance and plans for the new season. All are welcome!

We meet at Auger's Bar in Guilford at 6pm!
On Thursday night we have another indoor game starting at 8pm!

We will hopefully be able to tell you soon if we have a pre-season friendly game against Cheshire this Sunday!

So see you tonight, or tomorrow night or Sunday morning!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Is Our Hero?

Guys, as a new season is nearly upon us i decided to make a really important movie about the hero that drives us to perfection..... I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the link below!
Oh, and if you didn't know, there is no game this morning, not enough players available

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arrested Development Part 2!

A superb string of saves by El Gato, combined with some deadly shooting by Ruben were the hallmarks of a great Celtic 10-4 victory last Thursday night. Cardiac Arrest tried their best to pump some life into their game but every time they clawed their way back into the match Madison hit back with better and better goals. A much changed side took to the field without the striking invention of Carlos and Jorge. Luckily for the Celts they were replaced with the equally skillful Halil and Ruben who were both in sparkling form. With Dejan and Tom playing robustly in defence the Madison team had a very balanced and aggressive look to them. El Gato still had to be on his best "drug and coma " free form to make some great reaction saves. Although even he could not stop the blatant hand ball goal by "Celt on loan" player Tom "the Judge"! It was also worth noting the great form of the other on loan Celt, El Gogglito, in the Cardiac defence! The first half ended 3-3 but Madison were clearly the team on top. And after a few minutes of the second half the gap in quality between the teams really started to show. Some tough tackling and great vision by Dejan was setting up some good scoring opportunities and Ruben, Halil, Roniildo and Tom took full advantage with some great goals. Well before the end of the game Cardiac Arrest were a spent force and had lost the heart to fight any further.
Another couple of goals near the end of the game clearly emphasised how strong a performance this was by Celtic!

Next Thursday's game starts at 8pm!

Tom A is trying to arrange a friendly game for tomorrow morning..... could be too short a notice for most ....details are below....please indicate if you can make it or not!;
We have a practice game this Sunday against Cheshire II (Inter). We will be playing at Quinnipiac Rec. Area Park in Cheshire and for Directions, see comments section below.
Please be there by 10:00 am.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Are In The SASL!

Two of our team reps attended the SASL annual meeting last week and we were officially accepted as new members of SASL! We will start our first season in the SASL on August 15th 2010. The schedule will be out shortly before that. Some significant administration will need to be done before then such as paying another $500 before June 1st with our team members full information (Name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates). But they recommended the names be sent before May. Ron, as the CFO, will be in charge of that process. He will need to make sure all names and details correspond to his fee payment schedule and he will get in touch with everyone shortly. It is really important to get this info to Ron as soon as you can. This new league is run very professionally and have deadlines and rules that they stick to!

As a reminder to everyone, we set up a new team operations group to help us manage the team more effectively involving myself, Ron, Rob, Behrooz, Tom and Jody.

This is no longer a one man show!

Ron is our CFO, assisted by Rob....all fees and payments go through him from now on.

I have still to hear from Tom about what is happening with our involvement with CARLS. That season should be starting mid April and it is our intention to play in the Spring/Summer section of that league until the new SASL league starts in August. Unlike the SASL, Tom is our sole representative and contact with that league so we will need to hear from him to know what is happening.

We are planning to have another Auger's Bar get together on Wednesday 31st March at 6pm. At that meeting we can finally tie down who is accountable for what when it comes to overall team management as we transition to a new league. As a reminder here is what we agreed to at the initial meeting last September;

We also have an indoor game this Thursday at 7pm against Cardiac Arrest. See you there!

Friday, March 19, 2010

El Gato Stinks!

Report By El Gato!

Another defeat for Madison Celtic with a score of 7-6" and you can only blame El Gato for it.This week we had two guest players, Danny and Dejan who had a great performance. After a quick 3-1 start by Durham offense I said to myself here we go again we are falling apart. However, with great offensive performance and fantastic goals by Dejan, Danny and Rob and of course great passing by Carlos, Halil and Ruben, we got the game under control and end up ahead 4-3 by half time. Great defensive play by Tom and Danny kept the back untouchable and we definitely were in control of the game. Then came the second half. As Danny was saying "it looked like El Gato was smoking something before the game". The phrase "5 seconds behind" was definitely written for and about El Gato. For every horrible goal pass El Gato, fortunately, Madison Celtic responded with a great equalizer. With Tom, Danny and Dejan trying their best to control the defense nothing helped El Gato to come out of his coma and recuperate. However, with great offensive plays and great goals to keep the game going for Madison with a score of 6-5, El Gato went deeper and deeper into Coma and became invisible. Two unanswered goals passed El Gato while he was reading the sports section of today's paper with only few minutes left in the game, gave the Durham team a 7-6 advantage and a victory.While all other Madison players had a wonderful game, it was El Gato who came short and ruined the night for them.Sorry guys, I make sure I show up next week sober and Jimmy ganja free.

Report By BOR!

We lost, 7-6. Dejan scored two from long-range, each a cracking, swerving bullet. Danny had a beautiful strike from a really bad angle. Halil had a goal that was from a nice passing buildup. And for coup de gras, yours truly had two goals. One stolen off Ruben's foot. It was tied late, then Behrooz let in a slow ball that got thru his hands. One of three soft goals against. Well-played match on both sides. We dominated play while passing, but when the running stopped, they took over.
Honest reporting guys! See you next Thursday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I keep telling you guys that there are Celtic supporters all over the World, how about this for the latest proof?

This is a video of a nursery school class in Thailand singing about their beloved Celtic!

Over and Over we will follow you!

Game against Durham Bulls this Thursday night at 7pm! Roniildo or El Gato will do the game report so make sure you try and impress them ;o)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Late Leveller Robs Celts

Madison got back into great goal scoring form in this game against the Italian Nitos....yes, their name is the Nitos...or was it the Nitros? Anyway, it was a good hard fought game with some great attacking play by the Celts but a somewhat leaky defense and two penalties finally sunk their chances for a win. Through most of the game the goals were traded fairly evenly with first the Nitos edging into the lead then the Celts. Great running by Bambi and Roniildo in the midfield help to close down their fast running forwards, and Ruben and Halil up front were in the mood for scoring goals. BOR , Johnnaldo and El Gato did their best at the back, although you could argue that losing 8 goals in a game may not be one of their best defensive displays! But, it could have been worse, if not for a few great saves and blocks by The Cat. In the second half, Celtic edged into the lead and held it long enough to make you think they would win the game but Nitos kept hanging in there and then got the first of two fairly cheap penalties. This first one, after a push, levelled the game but once again the Celts got back into the lead only for a last second penalty, for hand ball, allowed the Nitos to tie the game with the very last kick of the game. A better performance than the last two games but we do have to plug the gaps in the defence if we want to take advantage of forwards hitting a rich seam of goals.

Next game is against Durham Bulls!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attention Bambi Next game,Thursday at 7pm!

Still don't know who we are playing but the game starts at 7pm....let's hope Thumper turns up to help Bambi!

And, Carlos no arguing with the ref, we can't afford another team revolt....we will end up getting a bad reputation ;o)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bambi no Match for Scary Hawks!

Well this game had it all; goals, shocking misses, bad tackles, red cards, arguments and a team revolt. But, in the end the Celts got the same outcome as last week when they played the same team....a big defeat!
A stronger looking Madison team started this game but after a bright start fell behind to the same type of sloppy goals that they lost in the previous week. The Hawks clearly rode their luck again with outrageously angled goals, taking full advantage of bad passing and ineffective blocking from the Celts. Madison tried hard to compete but to no avail. Weak tackling, poor passing and woeful shooting up front marred their performance. At half time the Celts were 4-1 down and struggling to find some form. Carlos was trying his best to get some forward momentum but was being fouled and thumped to the ground at every opportunity by a very aggressive Guilford team. The ref was also in a constant, somewhat provoking, dialogue with Carlos that came to an explosive and controversial end when he was red carded for talking back once too much. This unfair, and egregious, red card sparked off a furious argument with the whole Madison team that resulted in them walking off the field and refusing to play on. In a highly unusual move the ref agreed to step aside and let the game continue without him! Once the game got going again, with the ref on the sidelines and Carlos restored to the line up, the game went a lot smoother, although the ultimate direction of the game was no different. In the midfield Drew "Bambi" Thompson was still trying to get his long legs to move in concert with his brain but was always just a second short getting to the ball before one of the Guilford players whisked it away. At times it was like watching a giant octopus unravelling one of its huge appendages to grab some food but losing out to smaller more nimble fish.....Although Bambi on ice has a better ring to it! El Gato kept the score respectable with some great saves but the second half was not going to be the story of a great comeback like last week. The Celts went 5-1 down early in the second half before the miss of the game, actually miss of the century if truth be told, by Johnaldo. A great break away saw Carlos running into open space and with only the goal keeper to beat he slid the ball to an unmarked Johnaldo who contrived to miss an open goal from 3 feet out! Even with this gruesome miss the Madison team tried hard to get back on track and the hint of a comeback was there when Ruben slammed in a great goal to make it 5-2 but, it was not to be and Guilford hit a sixth to emphasize their superiority and round off another dismal night for the Celts.

Things can only get better? See you next week.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Game Tonight at 8PM!

Guys game tonight! Don't know who we are playing !! But we have the following players ready to play;








Need a few mores names!!