Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brave team runs out of steam......!

Our first session of indoor soccer finished on Thursday night with a mixed set of results. We started well when we stormed to our 5th win in a row with a 9-3 victory against North Branford. Great play from the team overall and even with our regular goalie missing, Fribeka and the Heckelator did a great job between the sticks. But this game took a fair amount of energy out of the team and unfortunately we then had to play a fresh Durham team. They had beaten us earlier in the session and in this game they stormed to a 4-0 lead at half time. After the break our team struggled badly but we hung in there to keep the score respectable. We pulled back their large lead to only 2 goals before they scored at the final whistle for a 8-5 win over us.

So, overall not too bad for this session; played 8, won 5, drew 1, lost 2. We scored an impressive 49 goals and let in only 31.

New session starts again this Thursday......and of course the fitness campaign starts on Monday!

Start scoring those points!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring training is nearly here!

Yes! Believe it or not the outdoor season will be with us in less than a couple of months! Even though right now we have snow on the ground and freezing conditions, apparently it will all disappear! It's called Spring! And when it gets near to Spring you have to do some Spring training. I know you have all been keeping fit but i thought it might help to get some competitive training going. So, let's have another go at the training competition that was so popular last Fall. The Toe won that session easily.....with the help of a squad of professional trainers! I know a few of you could not understand the complicated math last time so I've made it really easy this time;

If you work out, walk, run, jog, lift weights or even sweat for a 10 minute period you get 2 points!

So it's really simple, for every 10 minutes of exercise give yourself 2 points!

Let's start the competition on Monday March 2nd and run it for 7 weeks ending Sunday 19th April, which could be the first day of the new season. I have attached an easy table to track your points in the update e-mail....every week send me your points. Are you in?

For those of you doing the double header game tonight see you later!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fighting come back for fourth win on the trot!

The indoor team had a real struggle of a game against Madison Crisis last Thursday and had to really fight for the win. The scintillating soccer from the previous week had vanished and in its place was a slow disjointed boot and rush style that played into the hands of the opposition. They had one tactic which was to thump the ball up field to their tallest player who knocked it down to any on rushing player from his team. Simple, but effective and it was no surprise that we ended the first half 1-0 down. We started the second half a bit brighter and managed to score an equalizer. But again we fell into bad habits and allowed them back into the game with a simple goal from a defensive error. Things went from bad to worse when they went 3-1 up with only 15 minutes left in the game. But the Mad Celts came roaring back with a real fighting spirit and quickly claimed a goal back when yours truly bent a shot past their goalie. The team were fired up by this and very shortly after this, in the middle of a goal mouth scramble, the ball blasted off my chest into the net for the equalizer. With only a minute or so left and with the team pressing constantly we won a free kick which Carlito slammed into the net for the knock out blow and the game winner! It was a tough one but the team deserved the victory for the fighting performance in the second half.

Well done to the team for then playing another hour of soccer against a team who's opponents had not turned up.....another nice win but of course it doesn't count. But, good practice for our double header night which is coming up soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello! Hello! 3 in a row!

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! Just a quick update on the indoor soccer from last week which saw the Mad Celts go three victories in a row with a demolition job of the Guilford Hawks. The final score was 9-4 with the highlight of the match being a goal from the half way line by our very own Carlito! Of course, i could mention my stunning goal from about one foot out but that would be childish....thanks for the assist Fribeka! Some great passing and movement in this game and we went from no substitutions last week to no subs at all this week! Hopefully we can keep the winning streak going for a few more weeks.

In other news, tomorrow is the big Celtic Rangers game in the SPL. Celtic sit at the top of the league two points clear of their ancient rivals. A win for Celtic will stretch their lead to five but defeat will see Rangers climb to the top of the league. You could argue that a draw would suit both teams but i think Celtic have got to send a message to Rangers in this game and capture all 3 points! Kick off is 7.30 am EST tomorrow so I'll set my alarm!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Team celebrate after another great win!

Yes, a couple of small beers after a game always goes down well especially after another victory!Madison strolled to a second consecutive win in the indoor league with a 9-4 roasting of the "Dirty Dozen". The Celts started off in control and remained so throughout the game. Yours truly even managed to score a goal! The first half was tight but was no reflection of the way the game unfolded in the second half with great goals from several players.

My only complaint about the game was the fact that we had 3 subs but had trouble using them frequently enough in the second half. For those of us that don't fully understand what substitution means I looked up the definition in the dictionary and this is what it said;

substitute - put in the place of another; switch seemingly equivalent items
substitute - a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another
substitute - capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team
substitute - an alternate: serving or used in place of another

Thought it might help for the next game :o)

I saw this indoor goal on youtube.... i think we should try and score one like this!

See you for the next game!