Friday, July 31, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 2nd August, Southington!

Ok guys , we are on the road again after two tough defeats at home. Now is our chance to break our bad away record by winning a game. I think we have a real chance against Southington. They are a good team but not as difficult as other teams in the league. Let's see if we can win this one and the last game of the Summer season to at least finish with a 50/50 win loss record.
We will be playing away at Southington Recreation Park which is off of exit 4 of 691W
See you all there!~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PLAYER FOCUS on.....Tom "The Coach"

I know you have all been waiting for this moment for a long, long time.....and today that moment has arrived! Today we focus on our leader, our coach, our organizer, our team communicator and founder "Tom The Coach!!".

Madison was founded as a team about eight years ago when Tom persuaded a few of his fellow Clinton team mates and a new recruit or two ( El Gato, Jodinho and the water boy) to break away to form a new team. That first season was tough as our pool of players was at times no more than a pathetic puddle.....sometimes down to only 7 players for a game! But with strong team spirit and a sense of humor we hung together and the team survived its turbulent first year. Now look where we are!

I have to say it has been difficult to get an interview with Tom. He is so reclusive that he makes Garbo look like an exhibitionist or Howard Hughes an extrovert.

Now because of that well known tendency to be private some might say that the interview below is not really by Tom and completely fabricated.....these type of elusive stars are aways at the sharp end of the rapier wit of the press pack and the paparazzi and who knows what is true or not. So with no verisimilitude at all here is the player focus on Tom The Coach!

First time you played soccer? Well it must have been when i was around 38 because I remember someone shouting at me on the field " have you ever played football in your effin life before?".... of course I had, but it was Foosball...which apparently doesn't count (No it doesn't, but it allows you to practice standing still)

Fav Team? I am a big supporter of the "Soccer Coaches of the USA" Dream Team. I have missed a few of their matches though because they keep forgetting to advertise their games or arranging a team to play them. I have a membership badge as well!.... but i can't find it right now, i think i left it in someones bag ( I'll check mine later )

Fav player? Magic Johnson...or was his name Jimmy? I think Madonna was a great player too ( Yes, Madonna had some great moves....)

Fav Music?Who has time for music? I am too busy organizing our team and getting ready for the next match ( Absolutely, although i have heard you humming a few Barry Manilow songs )

Fav movie? I like all the good coach movies like...hhmm..well, you know, like that one about the coach ( Was it called " The Coach" ? )

Best moment on a soccer field? Oh yes, I remember finding 10 dollars lying on the field...I think it was mine ( It is now.... )

Nickname at High School? Funnily enough it was "Tom the Coach" ( yes?, what were you coaching then?)

Motto for life? If you can't get to the ball, stop and point at it ( I'm saying nothing...)

Something we don't know about you? I am a soccer coach ( I'm still not talking....)

Well thanks Tom, if that's really your name.... ! ;o)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Madison 2 New Fairfield 5

Madison stumble to heavy defeat

After a hard fought and even first half, Madison crumbled in the heat today crashing to one of their heaviest defeats of the season. Four superb unstoppable shots by the New Fairfield no19 ruined any chance Madison were going to have of making a game of it.
The first half had started well for Madison with some great movement and some real scoring chances. However, first blood went to the visitors when their no 19 latched on to a loose back header controlled the ball and whipped a vicious shot past the flailing arms of El Gato. The goal was against the run of play and it shocked the Madison team back on to the attack and they were rewarded when a scrambled shot across the goal was squeezed into the net by Jorge with some close help by Carlos. At this point in the game the Madison midfield had being playing well, especially Fribeka who was shuttling back from attack to defence to good effect. Madison went close to taking the lead with a number of headers and shots hitting the New Fairfield post. However, Madison could not hold and before the end of the half a fast break away by New Fairfield resulted in another great goal by the no 19. Madison were still strongly in the game at the start of the second half but were soon crushed by two fantastic goals by New Fairfield. Both shots from outside of the box arced over a fully outstretched El Gato. At 4-1 down Madison's form deteriorated rapidly and it was no surprise when a fifth goal was knocked in on the goal line. At this point, probably out of sheer embarrassment, Madison actually started to play their best football and Jorge scored a consolation goal before the end of the game.

This was a tough loss to take after the closeness of the first half but New Fairfield were the faster and fitter team in the second half.

Only two games to go before the end of the Summer season and hopefully we can put the last two games well behind us.

MAN OF THE MATCH; FRIBEKA Some great running and passing in the first half was enough for Fribeka to claim the MOM award

Thursday, July 23, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 26th July New Fairfield

So what do you think about the new Celtic away shirt as modelled by Celtic's new striker Marc Antoine Fortune? It's a re-do of a Celtic shirt from the nineties affectionately called the bumble bee shirt....will be a big seller!

Anyway, back to Madison business....after a lot of huffing and puffing it looks like we have a game on for this Sunday. It's a home game against New Fairfield. As you know they are a good team and we have some great games against them in the past. Our home record against them has been good but we will have to play a lot better than we did last week if we want to start another unbeaten home record!
We are playing on the Strong Field see you there
Any beers boys?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Madison 0 Prospect 1

Home record goes in lame defeat
Records are made to be beaten; the four minute mile, the 10 sec 100 metres, the most hot dogs eaten in 5 minutes. Someone sets the record then, eventually, they fall. Well Madison's record of not suffering defeat at home for over 2 years finally fell today. And it fell with a whimper not a roar. A very poor first half performance by Madison against an under strength Prospect team set the tone for an abject display overall. Madison found themselves under attack as soon as the whistle went and more or less spent the entire first half defending their goal line. Some superb saves by Kevinho and clearances by the Madison defence saved the blushes of the team but their was no hiding from the superior play of the visitors. Their fast passing and movement was in stark contrast to the static one dimensional play from Madison. Their inability to make or receive a pass cleanly or even mount a cohesive attack was an early sign that this game was going to be a real test of that proud home record. The first half ended with Prospect in total control of the midfield and relaxed in defence. Madison did play somewhat better in the second half and a few chances came their way, most notably a header by Jorge and a few shots that went high or wide. The attacking line of Prospect was fast and strong but to their credit the back four of Madison held their own. With 15 minutes to go it looked like Madison might salvage a 0 0 draw out of this poor performance but alas it was not to be. Another fast attack by the Prospect number 7 ended with him being tripped in the Madison box for a clear penalty. The spot kick was dispatched with ease as Prospect took a well deserved one nil lead. With little time in the game left Madison did respond with a number of attacks but with no potency or direction.
The whistle came to end a poor game for Madison and an end to that proud unbeaten run at home.

MAN OF THE MATCH; Kevinho. Great saves by Kevinho kept the score from being embarrassing

Friday, July 17, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 19th July, Prospect!

We have a home game against Prospect Grampas this weekend. I have no idea how they have been doing this season because our " league" administrators haven't bothered to post results or table positions since end of last year. Quality....

From looking at their results last season it looks like they will be a tough team.....but they are no Brazil! See you guys Sunday.... i think we have a full team but I'm sure Tom will confirm.

The big question that remains...... who is bringing the beer??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PLAYER FOCUS...... Big Red....."Kevinho"!

Another player focus is ready to roll off the press and it's the Man between the sticks that takes center stage today. Now the Madison goalie position has had some great characters in the past including the inimitable Mendi, the energetic Jim, the cat like El Gato, the cake like El Gutso and even The Toe! But now the man in charge as the last line of defence is Big Red Kevinho!

He hasn't played soccer for long but he has been learning quick and his fast reaction saves and big kick outs have become a hallmark of his game. So what do we need to know about Big Red? He has about 25 kids and is not sure about the pass back rule....but there must be more? Yes there is on!

First time you played soccer? About ten years ago. A fellow BMS employee asked if I wanted to play soccer in the then annual BMS Wallingford vs Lawrenceville soccer match. ( ....and after that game they never played again! )

Favorite Team? Don't really follow any specific team, I'm a soccer neophyte and they don't show many matches on TV. ( what kind of TV do you have? do you have to wind it up to see the moving pictures? There is wall to wall soccer on real TV's!)

Fav Player? Tim Howard lately ( when did he die? )

Fav Music? I'm like our captain - hard rock ;AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zepplin, etc ( enough said about that....does no one listen to real music these days? Like a good song or two from Barry Manilow or Kyle Minogue? )

Fav Movie? Sports and War movies, anything that inspires or roots for the underdog; - Miracle on Ice, Rudy, Saving Private Ryan, Remember the Titans ( you should add Celtic v Inter Milan, Celtic vs Man Utd, Celtic vs Liverpool, Celtic vs AC Milan, Celtic vs Barcelona and many more to your list....all great underdog victories! )

Best moment on a soccer field? My next save ( your last one was pretty good too! )

Nickname at school? Big Red (You are what it describes on the tin)

Motto for life? Be patient, live for today, worry about the things you can control ( I knew a guy who had the motto; Be impatient, live for tomorrow and worry about everything....i visit him in his cell every so often )

Something we don't know about you? I have five kids (3 boys, 2 girls) ages 8 - 2.5 ;My own little team! ( OK, no need to ask what you do in your spare time...)

Thanks Big Red! Keep up the great saves and go get a decent TV!

Monday, July 13, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Brazil 6 Madison 1

Brazil youngsters hand out soccer lesson to Madison veterans

Once in a while it's OK to get a soccer lesson, just to remind all of us of how to pass, move and score and today we were back in the class room. Of course, this was a friendly and most of the guys we were playing against were under 30 but it was still good to see how well we could cope with that type of continual attack. Now the score sounds bad, but we had quite a few chances in both halves to score goals and we didn't take them. There was to be no great comeback like last year and they dominated the game from start to finish. Their goals were very good, not your scuffed shot from one foot off the goal line but superb 25 yard curlers into the top corner of the net. Real Brazilian style football! The highlights for me were the constant running of our midfield, especially Roniildo and Jodinho and the outstanding defensive play by Tim Jensaldo Gogglito to give him his full Brazilian name. I know we lost 6-1 but some of his clearances and last minute tackles prevented the score from being a lot higher. Same too for Kevinho...some great saves and catches to keep the Brazil team in check.
Overall a good workout, and a realization that we do not play teams of this caliber in our league. We should feel confident that we can win every game in our league!
We will be back to league action next weekend with a game against Prospect...Tom will find out if it is home or away.
MEN OF THE MATCH; Gogglito and Jodinho get the double man of the match award for the non stop tackling and running...great game guys!

And one final is the One Year Birthday Of The MADISON CELTIC Blog!

Thanks for interacting with it. I know a few of you have now learned how to leave comments on the blog and it adds to the fun of doing the blog if we do use it! So instead of e-mailing back a comment why don't you try posting it on the blog in the comments section! And for you nostalgic people out there here is the first ever Madison post !

Friday, July 10, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 12 July, "BRAZIL"

We have a friendly match this weekend against a Brazilian select. This is the team we played last summer that gave us such a great game. That day the final result was 5-5 ( match report is here; ) and was highlighted by a great comeback by Madison from 5-1 down to snatch a draw!

They are a good team and have some young players so it will be a good challenge. I guess if Enrique is playing he will be playing for them.

The game is in Westbrook and starts at 9.30 AM. The driving instructions are in the comments section below.

See you there!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

PLAYER FOCUS.....Tim.... "Jensaldo"!

Tim is so new to the team that we have not been able to come up with a good nickname yet. His college nickname "Offa" is kinda lame so we could resort to the well established Brazilian route which gives us two choices "Jensaldo" or " Timisco". Timisco sounds like one of those low fat oils that you cook your burgers in so I'm going with "JENSALDO"! Of course Brazilian nicknames don't stick if another more descriptive name comes up. Barbinho Santos became "The Toe", Gito became "La Boca" and Adnanisco is better known as "El Gato"! So if we decide over time that Tim's real nickname should be something else like "Timbo" or "Tiny Tim" then that will be fine too……of course we could also call him Tim. But that would be too easy wouldn't it?

So what do we need to know about Jensaldo! Read the fascinating interview below to find out intimate details of his life and career!

First time you played soccer?
7 years old, first coach was a Scottish fellow..... ( and what a fine job he did teaching you)

Favorite Team?
Yes, I am dated, like my skills, but the 1970- something Oakland Stompers and Seattle Sounders.... ( What's up with all these weird names like Thumpers, Crashers and Beaters? Why can't USA teams have simple traditional names like United, City or Thistle?)

Fav Player?
Pele; runner up for pure show and for that python he kept as a pet - Shep Messing..( Forget the snake, what kind a name is that?... Shep!? )

Fav Music?
Hard rock (Metallica, Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath) and some grunge (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden) .... ( Jeez... another head banger )

Fav Movie?
just movies about gladiators ... ( It's those short chainmaille skirts they wear isn't it? Go on admit it.... )

Best moment on a soccer field?
those perfectly cut orange wedges at half time ( wedgies or wedges? )

Nickname at school?
I'll pick the least offensive one-offa. Background: while pledging for a fraternity in college during the football season, I was 0 for a bunch of field goals, hence the nickname ( Offa silly nickname so it's now Jensaldo! )

Motto for life?
All things are in fate, yet all things are not decreed by fate.... ( oh yes, that well known Latin phrase " TOTUS RES ES FORTUNA ETIAMNUC TOTUS RES ES DECRETUM PER FORTUNA"...just rolls off the tongue

Something we don't know about you?
Might have figured it out from my team picks, but I grew up in Oakland and Seattle..... ( No, i thought you grew up in Stomperland or Sounderville....I'm sure you have other secrets, but we will find them out as the season progresses! )
Thanks Tim for that insight into your soccer the goggles by the way....hey that could be a nickname too....goggle boy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

MATCH REPORT; Madison 2 Bridgeport 0

Access Denied For The Champions As They Fall To Madison Magic

The champions came to town this weekend and left with their tails between their legs. A resounding victory for the Madison Celts provided a welcome three points and added to their remarkable unbeaten home record now stretching back over two years. Whatever magic the Madison home field is conjuring up worked again as Bridgeport fell under the spell. This was as complete a performance as you could hope for from Madison. Impregnable at the back, forceful in midfield, skillful upfront and overall way too much for Bridgeport to handle.

Playing in the lush paddy field that doubles for a soccer pitch at Madison, both teams got off to a bruising no holds barred start. Tough tackles and tough talk seemed to be the flavor of the day as the referee had his work cut out trying to keep the lid from coming off this highly pressured pot of a game. Several chances fell to both teams in an absorbing first half. Kevinho, in fine form, made a number of finger tip saves to deny Bridgeport while at the other end Madison's shots were just narrowly missing the target. The home teams defense were strong and unyielding giving the potent Bridgeport attack only a few crumbs to eat from. The combination of Tim and La Boca along with the defensive backs held the line so well that the Bridgeport strike force would be tired of hearing La Boca shout "Access Denied!" long before the end of the game. The Bridgeport defense was also having a torrid time dealing with the re-invigorated Carlito, back from his injury absence. He was in the mood to provide a soccer master class and his long, mazy dribbling runs combined with his gravity defying twists and turns had the Bridgeport defense in disarray.
However, after a tough first half the honors were even and the game nicely balanced for a tough second half.

As the second half matured it was clear that Madison were taking the ascendancy in the game. Carlito's runs were continuously piercing the Bridgeport defense and their only answer to his skilful running was to dump him on his backside. It was after one of these fouls that Madison grabbed the lead. Carlito had made it to the edge of the Bridgeport penalty box before the obligatory foul occurred. As he slowly got up Scotty placed the ball on the edge of the box and shaped to rocket the ball as hard as he could but instead rolled the ball gently to Carlito who was standing unmarked outside the box. He didn’t take a second look before he blasted the ball high into the Bridgeport net. One nil to Madison and at this point in the game a very well deserved lead. After this Bridgeport came at Madison with all guns blazing but the home team's defense was in full lockdown mode as ball after ball was cleared and tough tackles halted every approach. No matter what they tried the Madison net was being protected. Great back up support from the midfield, especially Jodinho and Roniildo, really helped as they got into the act by doing some great goal mouth clearances. A clearly disheartened Bridgeport team were then further weakened when another great run by Carlito was finished off with a great pass across the 8 yard box where it was happily met with the flying boot of Fribeka as he slammed the ball into the net for a 2 goal lead. After this Bridgeport were a broken team and any chance of them coming back into the game was ended when one of their more hot headed players was sent off for a second bookable offence. Madison played out the last ten minutes of the game stroking their ball around at an almost leisurely pace. A great victory for Madison as they see off a sorry looking Bridgeport team who will have to improve greatly if they want to retain their title. All Madison have to do now is to win at least one point away from the magic of their home field to break the nasty hex on their away form.

MAN OF THE MATCH; CARLITO An outstanding performance by the " skinny one" as he tormented the Bridgeport defense all day. One goal and one assist and a lot of fun watching him play makes him the clear man of the match. A few players also came close with La Boca and Tim in great form. A special mention to Scotty for bravely opening his home and showing great hospitality and cooking skills for the team. I do love those Bubba burgers!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

NEXT GAME; Sunday 5th July, Bridgeport!

Next game is a Home game against last years Div 1 champs Bridgeport which should fill us with a bit more optimism that a good result can be obtained. .....Thank God! Yes, I'm like you I'm glad to be off the road and back at home..... what's with all these bad road trips? Aren't they meant to be fun? Anyhoo, back to the beach and hopefully back to our "normal" form. Bridgeport are a tough team to beat but we gave them a really hard time in the game in April..... i still feel we were robbed by the referee.

Looks like we will have a decent squad available for the game and the weather should be better than it has been. Hopefully we will have Carlos back on the field and a stronger squad overall. Let's try the 4 4 2 formation again and see if we can make it work.

TJ is the beer supplier after the game!

Also, bring your ID's because we are not sure the league has supplied a new set to Tom yet.

Have a great July 4th, don't drink and eat too much! And see you all on Sunday!