Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scrimmage Game this Sunday!

Guys, we have a scrimmage game organized for this Sunday at the Exchange field 9am against Madison over 30's. this will be a good warm game for the new season and give ourselves a chance to re-introduce ourselves to each other. If you can make the game just post yes in the comments box below or email me. See you Sunday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fees and Forms Part 2! LAST CHANCE

Guys, a quick update on the fees and waivers we need before the start of the season. So far 21 of you have sent in your signed waivers...many thanks! We still have two more to get from Jorge and Danny but we have that in hand. Fees are a bit more sticky. So far we have received only 16 payments.... Just a will not be able to play this season unless you sign your waiver and pay your fee! It's really simple..... we are only asking for $90, not $900! Those of you that have not paid your fee, and you know who you are... ( and so do I) you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE TO THE FIELD!

I know some of you have an allergic reaction every time you are asked to pay a fee to play soccer and I'm not sure why. It's not fair to your team mates who are paying their fees on time. And it is only $90!

So come on the team and the guys that are trying to organize the games and the season by paying up

The season is nearly upon us!......I hope you are getting's going to be a tough but fun season!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waiver Forms and Fees!

Guys the new season is nearly upon us and we need to make sure you are all registered as players and insured properly. To do this YOU MUST SIGN and send in the waiver form that Ronnie sent you in the post. If we do not receive this then you will NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY for Madison Celtic this season! In fact you wont be able to play for any SASL team. The initial deadline for forms was this week but Ronnie has received very few forms. Please do this with some urgency!

On top of that, you have to pay your $90 season fees..... we are not playing for free.... we have to pay for refs, insurance and State fees...... please send this money to Ronnie immediately. He has supplied his address many times.

I know you guys hate to spend money and do all this admin but if you want the team to continue to run effectively then this is the little pain you have to endure.

Come on guys....get your collective act together and we can start planning for the season start on April 15th!