Friday, March 29, 2013

Warm Up Game Vs Madison Over 30's!

Guys, the season start is nearly upon us. For all those guys that sent in their waiver forms and fees many thanks you will be having a fun season. For those of you that didn't,  even after many weeks of asking, thanks and goodbye! have a few days left but then it's done. No signed waiver means you cannot play for any team in SASL

We have a warm up game scheduled against Madison over 30's for Sunday April 7th at the Exchange field with a 9am kick off

Please tell me if you can make it..... Unfortunately I will be in China that day so Ronnie and Ruggerho will be doing the team duties if they are available

Our season proper kicks off with an away game on April 14th against Cheshire!

See you all on the field soon!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outdoor Season is Coming Soon!

You may not believe it but the outdoor season is nearly upon us. The season kicks off on Sunday April 14th a mere 6 weeks from today!  But before that day we will need to go though some boring administrative stuff like filling in forms and paying fees.

Yes, I know...why can't you just let me play for nothing and not have to sign anything?  It seems to be the same question every year and every year i give the same answer

....... You need to be registered to play as part of State rules and you need to be covered by league insurance. Waiver forms MUST be filled in as part of getting ready for the season.  These waiver forms can be found here,  They need to be filled in and SIGNED by you and sent to Ronnie as soon as possible!

.......We also need to pay team fees. These fees are made up of different components. State fees ( most of you paid this already ), league fees and then ref/linesman fees. Based on our current squad number of 16 we will work out the total fee due and post that soon. Once we tell you the amount the  money must be payed as soon as possible to Ronnie. Ideally as a check made payable to Madison Celtic.

........We also need to confirm the squad for this new season. A number of players have transferred to a new team,  quit, semi retired, fully retired or become enigmas.  The following list of names are what I believe to be our squad for 2013. Please confirm!

La Boca
Jodingo!! ( only for select home games )
Johnny B
Rob B
El Gato  ( only if we have run out of players )

Some of us are planning to get together one night to plan for the season and maybe collect some of the waivers if you don't feel like posting them. I'll send out the details soon.

Please help Ronnie and I get to get this part of the season planning done as quickly and efficiently as possible