Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End Of Year Stats!!

As 2010 rolls to it's end I thought I would do a brief summary of our soccer stats for the 2010 year.

We played in two leagues and won a Championship! We lost only 1 game throughout the whole of 2010! We played much better away from home. Carlos ended up as the top goalscorer of the overall year, although Jorge was top goalscorer for the SASL Championship winning season. The man between the sticks, usually The Hulk, managed 10 shutouts during the year! A remarkable year!

Our overall performance for the year 2010 was as follows;

Played 22, Won 13, Lost 1, Drawn 8, Goals For 60, Goals Against 26, Points 47

Home Record;

Played 10, Won 5, Lost 1, Drawn 4, Goals For 29, Goals Against 12, Points 19

Away Record;

Played 12, Won 8, Lost 0, Drawn 4, Goals for 31, Goals Against 14, Pts 28

Top Goalscorers;

Carlos 13, Jorge 12, Tano 11, Safet 6, Roniildo 4

Most MOM Awards;

Roniildo 4, Hulk 3, Halil and Carlos 2

Well that's enough stats for now.... i could have done more like.... most assists, best pass, most pleasant substitution etc etc but there is only so much you can do on the side of the field!

We will be back playing first week of January so try and stay in shape... ha ha... over the festive season!

Have a great Holiday season and an even better New Year!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Fun!

For those of you that turned up for the end of year party many thanks! It was a good laugh and TomA and El Gato proved to be the Fussball kings on the night although Tano won the dance competition and La Boca won the boxing! I still have plenty of food left and enough booze for at least our next few games!

Enjoy the next few days of Christmas shopping!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Season Get Together!

So we have a few guys that have confirmed going out Friday 17th for a few end of year drinks and something to eat. We just need to decide on a venue and a time. I know its the holiday season so some places may be busy or booked. An alternative is my place but I would need to know soon how many want to go out so i can get food and drink in. Just re-confirm below if you are in!

Guys, looks like we have at least 11 signed up for indoor soccer and maybe 12 if Tom A confirms. The cost per head will be $69 if Tom confirms and $75 if he doesn't. We need to pay the money before the 29th December so can you send in a check or cash to me or Roniildo for the amount before then? ( I will send the address by email ). If i see you this Friday you can pay in cash. Last year some guys played but only paid when they turned up which is unfair on everyone else that paid upfront.

The indoor season starts the first Thursday of January and will be at the Branford Sportsplex. El Gato will get the play times once all the teams are registered. Should be fun!

Anyway hope to see a bunch of you this Friday night!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indoor Soccer Starts Soon!

Wake up guys!!! Stop eating, drinking and sleeping!!!!

The indoor season is nearly upon us!

First Thursday of January is the first of the 8 game session. It costs $825 to register the team so we will need at least 10 people to sign up and pay up before the end of December 29th! So far we have only 5 registered for the session which means $165 each right now!! If we get ten it will cost $82.50 for the whole session which is roughly 10 a game.... not bad.

But..... we need the money UP FRONT! So who is in? Jorge, you awake yet? You in?