Friday, January 29, 2010

Branford Blasted!

A game that was wrapped up and sealed early in the second half when the Celts strolled to a 7-1 lead against North Branford nearly came unglued before the end of the game. Great goals by Jorge and Henrique prompted by the probing passing of Carlos and the running of Johnaldo, Roniildo and BOR ensured that North Branford were chasing shadows for most of the game. Nice passing and great goals really stunned the Branford team who had nothing to offer back. But, early in the second half the Madison team stopped doing the easy stuff well and went on the hunt for glory goals allowing the North Branford team back into the game. Madison shipped 4 easy goals without reply to take the score to 7-5 and were suddenly chasing the game. Luckily the Celts managed to keep their collective noses in front and eventually won 10-7 but this game was made a lot tougher than it had to be!

Next game up is against Cardiac Arrest at 7pm!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eagles Swoop to Kill

An unfortunate defeat to a good Guilford Black Eagles team was the outcome on Thursday night. A tough first half saw Madison fight for every ball and give as good as they got. Each goal Guilford scored the Celts replied with one of their own...well at least Jorge did. The first half ended 2-2 but with a feeling that Madison could go on to win the match. This feeling became stronger when two great goals pushed the Celts into a 4-2 winning position through the fantastic efforts of Jorge, again, and Halil. Unfortunately, Madison could not hold onto the two goal lead for more than a few seconds when they allowed a cheap equalizer. The game could have gone either way at this point but then disaster struck when Madison contrived to score an own goal to put themselves 5-4 down. Then with only a couple of minutes left on the clock our old friend, the referee blunder, re-appeared to allow a misplaced kickout to be slammed back into the net for their 6th goal on the night. A tough defeat but it could have gone either way until our defense caved. The great play by Carlos and Jorge was the highlight of the game.

Next team up is at 7PM, Field 3, Versus North Branford! See you there

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crazy Goals Sink Guilford!

Another great win for the Celts last night against one of the ubiquitous Guilford teams...... this one used to be called Branford...... The Madison team stormed to a thoroughly deserved 3-0 lead at half time aided by two great goals by Halil. The second half started off a bit shakily with the loss of a goal but once the Madison team regained their shape they began to dominate the game again. The game was then put out of reach by two super crazy goals from first Carlos and then Henrique.

Carlos received a long high ball as he ran into the opposition box and he outrageously back heeled the ball into the net on the volley.... if that's possible! But this goal was trumped by Henriques' goal when he got the ball in in his own half looked up and saw the goalie off his line and cracked a shot right over his head into the net! A well deserved 5-1 victory for the Celts!

Here is the list of the upcoming indoor games;

Date, Time, Field #, Opponent
21 Jan, 8PM, 2, Black Eagles
28 Jan, 7PM, 3, North Branford
04 Feb, 7PM, 4, Cardiac Arrest
11 Feb, bye week, no game
18 Feb, 7PM, 4, Club Napoli
25 Feb, 8PM, 2, Hawks

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congratulations to Players of the Fall 2009!

Well done to all the guys who won the votes for player of the Fall 2009! Dejan, Telat( sorry, don't have a photo of you on your own!), Carlos and El Gato!! Some great races and poll it!
Our next indoor game is this Thursday against Guilford! 9pm kick off!
See you all there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goalkeeper of the Fall 2009!

I didn't forget them..... the last line of defence.... our goalkeepers duing the Fall season 2009. El Gato, BOR and Kevinho! Go ahead and vote!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Indoor Season Starts With Double Header!

Well, the long holiday break is over and we had to get back into action on the soccer field at some point but it was with a double header against Durham and Madison Crisis!

The first game was really tough as everyone tried to get back into the habit of running and passing while trying to breathe. How can you do all of that at the same time?? Durham were the opponents and like last year they proved to be tough opposition. Madison fell behind early but fought back to get their noses in front only to lose two stupid goals to end the half 3-2 down. The second half was similar to the first with wayward passing and lots of missed chances. Having got even again Madison fell to another two soft goals and spent the last 5 minutes chasing to get two goals to at least grab a draw but only one more goal could be claimed as Madison fell to a 5-4 loss. So a first game loss but some positives; Drew made a credible debut for the Celts and the team got a chance to get rid of the festive cobwebs.

After a quick 3 minute turn around the next opposition up was Madison Crisis and immediately we could see that this game would have a different outcome. After a cautious start Madison roared into 4-0 lead and kept their superiority throughout the game finally winning 8-4. The only other point of note was the fabulous goal scoring effort by Johnaldo who threw off his first game lethargy to slam in 4 goals against The Crisis!

Next game on Thursday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indoor Soccer Season Starts Thursday!

Hi Guys it's time to get back to playing soccer! This Thursday we start our indoor season at the Branford indoor complex. Unfortunately for us it's going to be a double header!! Yes two games! The first game at 7pm then again at 8pm. So we will need to get there around 6.30-6.45pm to warm up.We will need a full squad to get through the two games especially if you have over indulged during the festive season!

I have a vague idea of who is going to turn up but let's see if we can confirm the numbers before Thursday!

So far;
Tom A
El Gato?

We also have a new player who could make the games called Drew

Please confirm this list is right !!

See you all Thursday!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi Guys, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great holiday season and kept some level of fitness! We have our first game of the indoor season coming up this Thursday and we need to find out how many have signed up for the season. Send in your Yes or No's!

See you all soon!