Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Another Defeat!

Well, it was yet another defeat.... but we played much better as a team against really tough opposition, the Guilford Eagles. Last time out they destroyed us 8-4 but this game was always within our grasp. A very strong start to the game, with Johnaldo up front pestering the opposition defence line, allowed the Celts to hassle the Eagles in their own half. For the first ten minutes Madison looked the stronger team with the Eagles making lots of mistakes. But, yet again, a defensive error allowed their first shot on goal to go into the net. Johnaldo pulled one back before they scored again and then Tano equalized. But after this first twenty minutes of good, well matched play the Celts allowed some carelessness to creep into their game and lost two stupid goals just before the half. The second half didn't start much better and another two quick goals put the Celts 6-2 down and cruising for a bruising. However, some smart, fast passing and two quick two goals by Halil brought the team right back into the game and then another goal by Ruggero got the Celts to within one goal of the Eagles. But any thoughts of a glorious comeback were dashed when the Guilford aces slotted another goal into the net and ran the game down to the end. So, the first session of indoor ended with yet another defeat but nowhere near as bad as previous defeats. Maybe the team is starting to get their soccer legs back? They will certainly need them because the second session starts next Thursday!

If you have not indicated that you want to play in the next session please say so in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comeback Not Good Enough!

Report By El Gato! Pic By Tano!

Well the fellow who was supposed to write the match report never showed up....
So you are stuck with yours truly....
Another loss for Madison Celtic to add to their almost perfect indoor session. I can not say it was lack of players. We had 11 "skilled" players; The incredible hulk was back between the sticks, LaBoca, kris, 50/50 Tom A., Dave S., Halil, Ruggero, Tano and El Gato. We also had the return of our guest players Altigan and his cousin Zez.
We had a great start with nice form and a quick goal in the back of the net by Zez. So El Gato started to do what he knows best, watching the game on the other field. By the time I turned around we were trailing 5-1. Oops here we go again, its almost half time and we are too deep in the hole to be able to pull it off. Slow moves and too many unmarked men was again the story of our game. Second half started much better. Three beautiful goals by Dave S. put us back in the game. At 5-4 as we were looking for the equalizer, Branford "yellow shirts" took advantage of our sloppy defensive line up and added another goal to their 5 unanswered first half goals. However, Halil with some great moves was able to get a quick goal pass their goalie. Now at 6-5 we tried one more time for the equalizer but here we go again....... 7-5 loss is what we can add to our broken record.

Next game is this Thursday at 7pm against Guilford Black Eagles!! This is the last game of this session

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

North Branford is Up Next!

After a morale raising first win last week we are up against North Branford in an 8pm kick off match. If we can repeat our form from last week then this should be a good competitive game.

If you want to know how well we did against this same team last year have a look at this match report!

Indicate in the comments section below if you are able to turn up for the game.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory is Sweetest When you've Known Defeat!

Victory at last! I had forgotten what it felt like! This was a much better performance by Madison Celtic as they dominated a game against a good Blackpool team, getting up to a 6-2 advantage before some late game jitters allowed a few goals to fly in for the opposition. Nonetheless, the Celts were solid enough to hold out for a well deserved 7-5 win. The star performers on the night were Tano ( 3 goals, and could have been many more! ) and the return of the "magic cat" EL GATO! Some fantastic reflex saves by El Gato really kept Celtic in control of the game at a time when they could have let the victory run away from them. Looks like The Hulk has a real rival for the onion bag protector role! Tano was also on fire with darting runs, flicks, on target shots and great goals . Of course David has his usual excellently robust game. The opposition certainly know they are in a game when he is playing. He also scored some great goals and was up and down the field like a robot on steroids. Halil also had a good game controlling the midfield area. Apart from a few defensive lapses by the tiring Johnaldo this was as good a game as we have had indoor for almost a year!

So, now we have remembered how to win let's try it again next week!
Next game is at 8pm against North Branford!

Only two games left in this session so we need to know who is signing up for the next one which will take us through to the Spring outdoor season

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We need a Winning Attitude!

Our next game is this Thursday against BlackPool. As I mentioned I know nothing about them but all I know is we have to beat them! The last few years of playing indoor have been a glory filled run of stirring victories but not this session.... more a crap filled wasteland of defeats!

But we can still rise and be a team again! Can't we? Yes we can!

Let's turn up this Thursday, 7pm and go for it!! Let's bring back that winning feeling....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Blues Come In Two's!

This double header night ended up as double trouble for the Mad Celts as their appalling indoor soccer form continued for yet another week. Two defeats, 5-1 and 5-3, against Southeast Xara and Guilford Bell Curve emphasized how poorly the Celts played, although the second game was there for the taking. The same old faults of poor defending, poor passing and rotten finishing pockmarked both games. Although Birthday boy Tano and Halil tried their best with some shots at goal the Celts knew they were in trouble when Roniildo was actually tackled by the side netting and then shortly after that he then passed to the net! Yes it was one of those nights when every shot on our goal seemed to go in although if it was not for some outstanding saves by The Hulk the scores could have been much worse. The second game was much better and much closer with a good fighting performance and great goals from La Boca, Halil and Johnaldo. But in the end the Celts defensive frailties came back to the surface as they lost two late goals.

Looks like we need some more fitness training to get us all in shape and back to remembering the basics of running and passing. If their was a tournament for statue soccer we would win it.... we need to move into space and keep moving!
Next game is 7pm against Blackpool......I know nothing about them but they are 15th in the EPL!

The party in the bar after for Tano was very nice too!