Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Make Up Game This Weekend

Guys there will be no makeup game against Hamden this weekend. They are still recovering from the Hurricane and did not want to play. This game will likely be rescheduled for Columbus day weekend. Please indicate if you want to get together to practice Sunday morning....Eliot Jared school? I know a few of us are still without power or any amenities so maybe this turned out for the best

Friday, August 26, 2011

Come On Irene!

Guys, as expected, the game against Hamden has been cancelled because of Hurricane Irene.
We will re-arrange sometime over the next few weeks. The main thing to do over the weekend is to keep you and your families safe!

Take care everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

MATCH REPORT; Madison 3 Guilford 1

The really big games bring out the best players and the best moments. Real versus Barca, Man Utd versus Liverpool, Celtic versus Rangers have all had their big moments and crucial memorable games. But all of these big derbies pale in comparison to the really big one! The Connecticut Superclassico ! Madison Celtic versus Guilford Bell Curve! Ok....I admit, that's a bit of an exaggeration .... But it was a great game and had some big moments!

Celtic had an an early chance to revenge their 3 0 defeat to Guilford at the end of the last season break. A nearly full squad of players turned up on the day boosted by the arrival of new player Paulo. A hot muggy day added to the problems of a field that had not been cut in weeks, months? The grass was so tall Tano could go missing for large chunks of the game!

Even though the playing conditions were not optimal the game set off at a quick pace with both teams attacking aggressively. Over the first fifteen minutes of the game Guilford were probably edging it with better possession and cleaner passing. They certainly looked the more likely to score as Madison struggled to get into good scoring positions. The Hulk was regularly called into action tipping shots over the bar or bravely smothering attacks right at the final moment. Just as it looked like Guilford were going to take full control of the game Madison got a breakthrough. Some skillful play up the Madison left side drew the Guilford defense just enough to create an opening for Halil. Tano saw him move into clear space on the right and passed a great ball to him. Halil strode into the Guilford box and confidently slammed the ball into the net for the go ahead goal. Madison clearly boosted by this goal started to up their game and really put some pressure on the Guilford team for the first time in the match. A few chances came for Jorge and Tano but the Celts could not stretch heir lead. Then without much warning a stray pass by the Madison midfield allowed Guilford to push the ball down the Madison left side bypassing the stranded Johnaldo and eluding the on rushing La Boca. Even the Hulks heroics could not stop the ball from being expertly placed into the Celtic net for the equalizer. At this point in the game tempers were getting frayed and a few yellow cards were flashed by the ref in an attempt to regain control of the game. Thankfully half time came with no further yellows or red cards and no further goals.

The second half started with a very sluggish Celtic team on the field. A combination of the heat and the heavy grass looked like it was sapping the energy from the Madison team much more obviously than the opposition. In fact without some key saves and blocks by the Hulk the Celts could have fallen behind. The Madison defense were getting a full workout at this point but great play by Jodingo!! and TomA kept the team moving. Gradually the great scrappy style of play expressed by Halil in the midfield started to stem the tide and move it in the direction of the Celts. And then the ridiculously long grass started to work in favor of Madison. With 25 minutes left on the clock a weak pass back by one of the Guilford defenders was held up badly by the grass allowing the ever predatory Tano to nip in and guide the ball past the stranded goalkeeper for the go ahead goal. This got the Celtic tails up but the stronger response to the goal came from Guilford as they piled even more pressure on the Madison defense. More great stops by the Hulk and timely clearances by the back four kept the Celts with their nose in the lead right up to the last few minutes. Guilford were getting increasingly desperate and a little bit tetchy with petty tackles. Then they hit some real problems when their best defender was given a second yellow and sent off. Even with a man down Guilford were a threat with more chances coming their way. But just as the anxiety levels reached ever higher in the Madison team the Guilford defense repeated the exact same mistake with a short pass back right in front of Tano who gleefully collected the ball and wasted no time dispatching it into the net. With only injury time left the Celts held out to grab all three points and leapfrog their closest rivals in the table. Madison now hold the second promotion spot and have their destiny in their own hands.

Man of the Match; Great play by Halil in midfield, Jodingo!! and TomA in defense and two goals and an assist by Tano made the choice very difficult but for some game saving saves the spotted dick goes to The Hulk!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

NEXT GAME; Sunday 21st Aug, Guilford!

The season re-starts this Sunday with a cracker of a game! Our closest rivals Guilford are the team up first and this gives the Mad Celts a quick chance to gain some revenge for their 3-0 defeat in the last game of the season before the break. Guilford stumbled badly after that win losing two games and now sit only 2 points ahead of Celtic in the promotion spot. It is vitally important that the team gets out of the gate at full pace and really goes for the win. We can be too hesitant at times, like the last game against Orange. In that game we were bullied from the opening whistle and deserved to lose. In the last game against Guilford it sounded like really stupid errors threw the game away. We have to concentrate and stop having these costly errors!

For Sunday we will have a few players missing though injury or vacation but we should still have a strong squad. BUT!! Please Please PLEASE do not give me a hard time over subbing and game time!

I'm not sure if you have noticed or not, but I don't have a team of guys or backroom staff helping me on the sidelines on match day! You are all too busy counting the minutes you have on or off the field! Anyone who wants to volunteer to actively manage the subbing is welcome!

I cannot guarantee equal time for everyone... I'm not actually counting the time of each player on the field... I am looking to see if people are running their guts out for the team or just strolling around counting the daisy's!!

When you get on the field, get stuck in and play your heart out...then come off for a rest... and then do it again!

Let's get out there and win three points!!

Don't know who the beer guys are, but we are at Town Campus this game!

Monday, August 15, 2011

At Last! The Season is About to Re-Start!!

Well Summer is officially over...well at least for us. No football for the last 7 weeks has been painful. We did try and get some practice games, a little training ( thanks Rugginho ) and even organised two full team scrimmages but to no avail. Apathy and the weather beat us hands down. But now there is no excuse! The season starts up again this Sunday morning with a game against our closest rivals for a promotion spot; Guilford Bell Curve. After a bit of a roller coaster last session we now sit only two points behind Guilford for the coveted second spot in the league. We need to get out of the blocks fast and hard. We need to play every game as though it's a cup final if we want to get promoted the first time of asking!

Are you up for it? Well are you??

Who is in for the game on the 21st? Town Campus, 10 am. Anyone able to make a Thursday night practice at Cox?

I will let The Hulk work out the beer schedule.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Game Cancelled!

Guys the rain has beaten us again and for the second week in a row! Just too much rain and too risky to try in case we get injuries. Let's hope we have good weather for next week

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friendly vs Orange? Yipee!

Hi Guys, no I haven't forgotten you all. Although it has been a Summer of no soccer for most of us, we are still trying to get at least one friendly match under our belts before the re-start of the season. Orange have invited us for a friendly game this Sunday morning at their home field. If you have checked the weather forecast for Sunday it is currently not looking too promising but Orange say they can play on their field even in the rain....what a novel idea!

So I just need to know who is ready and willing to play this Sunday, 10am against Orange!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Game is Cancelled!

The rain has got the better of us today...no game!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Next Friendly; Sunday Aug 7th. Madison over 30's

Time to get ready to hear the sound of huge crowds cheering us on again! Yes we can play a game of soccer! We have a friendly game against Madison over 30's this Sunday at 9am, at Town Campus.

A good time to get rid of some ring rustiness against tough opponents. Looks like we will have a squad of 12 people which is not too bad for Summer.

Remember the kick off is at 9AM!!!

See you all there!