Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North Branford Up Next!

The next indoor game is against North Branford at 7pm! We only have two more indoor games left before the start of the outdoor season so if you've done no exercise and have been eating like a sumo wrestler since the last outdoor game you may want to do something between now and the 10th to make sure you don't have a heart attack during the first game! Hey, we are all over 40 ish now! I know Tano has been practising and working out almost every day or so! He will be exhausted for the start of the season..... kidding!

See you Thursday night!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

AGM Report!

We had a very successful AGM on Thursday night....no fights, no arguments but a good few laughs.
The season is nearly upon us and getting us ready for the start was the main topic of the session.
But here are a few other topics that came up at the meeting;

We will need new second shirts for home games if our colors clash with the opposition. Yes, I know green and white hoops clashing with other teams seems a bit far fetched but dem are da rules! Black shirts with our normal numbers will be purchased.

We remind everyone that the 2010/2011 season will now extend to the end of November! This allows the league to revert to the calendar season for 2012.

Discipline was discussed and a reminder that yellow cards and red cards actually can cost the club money, as well as possibly lose us a game ! For those players with a poor disciplinary record ( you know who you are! ) we all agreed that if you receive a yellow card in a game then you will have to be benched for the rest of the game to make sure you don't get a red. This actually works. Roniildo and myself will be the on field coordinators for this decision. We think Carlos is banned for 2 -3 games for his red card in the last game. Will get this confirmed.

Tom A will support me on game day.

Tano made a case for training sessions to get us fit and to practice moves...we all agreed but need to find a field!

New player... Rugginho

Finances are good but we have new fees due in June and August ( $650 ). Roniildo will work out what new fees will be needed in May.

Field and game schedule....El Gato reminded us of some of the field and time changes for the new season. I will post the game schedule on the pages section of the blog but if you want to see the master schedule here it is;


The Hulk is the new Entertainment officer and has asked for guys to partner up for beer duties on game day. Please put the pairs on the comments section. If you haven't asked anyone to be your partner I will create a special blog section so that you can make the proposal in relative privacy.....

El Gato and Tano are trying to get us a scrimmage game or at least a run out on a field Sunday 3rd April. We need to start getting ready for the season! We are five points behind the two teams in the promotion positions!! We need to stop drawing games and win a few!

And finally, if you want to know how seriously Tano was taking the meeting look at the photo below.....Don't mess with him in AGM mode!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Madison Celtic AGM!

Guys we have a Madison Celtic AGM this Thursday, 7 pm at Eli's on the Hill in Branford.

Eli's On the Hill
624 W Main St, Branford, CT

The agenda for the AGM is as follows;

Report back from SASL AGM-- Johnaldo/Roniildo

Field Issues/game time changes--El Gato


Player issues ( discipline, new shirts, new signings, registrations etc )-- All

Entertainment for the season--Tano/Hulk


Hope you can make it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Where in the World is Jodingo!!

Well, having turned up last night and nearly having to walk away with no game after a slight field mix up, we did eventually get a game in although more of a practice match as some of the Cardiac Arrest guys joined the Celts to play against Blackpool. Two fantastic goals by Halil and Tano and some amazing saves by The Hulk were not enough to prevent a 3-2 defeat. Their winning goal coming from a great squared cross into the box which Johnaldo watched and admired before reacting with molasses like reflexes to help the Hulk pick the ball out of the net. Still, a good work out as the team gets ready for the beginning of the outdoor season.

I know a lot of the team have not been playing indoor this year but it's good to know they are keeping fit in their own way. The photo above is straight from the Jodingo!! boot camp somewhere in deepest Connecticut. Jodingo!! is seen here wearing his specially designed Irish skull cap which he will be using in most games this season.
I can see the girl in the background is none too impressed!
No game next week but we will be having our AGM on Thursday night. Details to follow soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning lads and very Happy St Patricks day to you all, and what a fine morning it is.
Now we have a little game on tonight, at 8pm, against those terrible drunkards, the Cardiac Arrest bhoys. Who knows if they will turn up or not but to be sure we should all be there waiting for them. And if we can't have a shindig with them then sure enough we can have one Hell of a shindig with ourselves!

Here's to a long life and a merry one
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer and another one!

....... and may you be inHeaven a half hour before theDevil knows you're dead!

See you later, Slainte!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Not a Charlie Sheen among us but we are winners!

Yes, a great performance against a Southeast Xara team who had just beaten the Guilford Black Eagles, sent the team off to the bar with a smile. The pulsating 5-3 victory for the Celts was well deserved and about time! Having had probably the worst session of indoor soccer in their history ( 1 win in 8 games! ) the Celts have now moved into a more comfortable mediocrity with one win, one draw and one loss. The signs are good though that the team is now finding some good form and the players are starting to get in shape..... well some of them.
The game started with a frenzy of shots by the opposition that hit every post and bar available to them in the Hulks goal. If it missed those, the Hulk was there to block it. After this onslaught by the Xara team a fantastic long range shot by Halil, that nearly burst through the net, gave Madison the lead. Two more goals by David and Tano made the score a comfortable 3 0 by half time. But, as is always the case, two defensive errors, bad passes from defence to midfield, allowed the Xara team to claw back two goals. Another goal by us and another by them made it 4-3 to Madison heading into the last few minutes of the game. It did look that the Celts were starting to wilt under pressure and maybe Xara would find a late equalizer but not this time. Some great saves by the Hulk, fighting for his place after the scintillating from of El Gato, and some good defensive clearances kept the Xara team at bay. In fact, El Gato also showed some of his great defensive qualities in this game with some nifty footwork and tackles! The team was still stressing when a great shot by Tano brought an anxiety relieving fifth goal for the Celts who ran out deserved 5-3 winners!

The next game is scheduled to be against Cardiac Arrest on St Paddy's day. Having met Goggs in the bar he doubted any of them will be sober enough to turn up to play us so we may need another plan for that night. If we have more players we can have a scrimmage match? If they do turn up drunk then we can have a laugh.... either way we should plan to be there to play.

We also need to agree on an AGM night and location. So far we have Thursday 24th March as a possibility as a a few of you can't make Friday the 18th. Who is OK with the 24th?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting Better? Maybe...!

A double header night allowed Madison to get even more of their ring rustiness wiped off. A great battling performance against the Guilford Black Eagles was followed up by another strong performance against Guilford Bell Curve. In the first game against the Eagles, Madison passed accurately, tackled hard and kept possession well against strong opposition. The Celts took a 3-2 lead in the game and looked to be heading towards a famous win. But, as bad luck would have it, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by losing a late goal. El Gato was blameless for the late equalizer in yet another fantastic outing by the agile shot stopper. This game was probably the best game the Celts had played in indoor this year and they carried that form into the next game of the night against Guilford Bell Curve. Having got themselves into a strong position with two great gaols by Tano and one by David they let things slip and slumped to a 4-3 defeat. Although this was disappointing it could be blamed on tiredness and not for any lack of ambition or application by the team.

Next game is at 8pm against?? Don't know but I will find out!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Next Session Starts This Thursday!

Guys, the next session of indoor starts this Thursday with a game at 8pm! Don't know who against yet but it starts at 8pm!! Bring your fees which should be in the range of $60. Roniildo will confirm below in the comments section! Let's have fun and win some games but more importantly get fit for outdoor.....it's coming soon!